mayo 08, 2009

11 premio ThyssenKrupp Elevator Arquitectura

Esta semana se dieron a conocer los resultados del concurso internacional organizado por ThyssenKrupp. el tema era diseñar una estructura emblematica para la ciudad de Dubai, E.A. con un total de 926 propuestas, el ganador fue un arquitecto Mexicano que radica en Holanda, Fernando Donis. su propuesta es una estructura sencilla que simula un marco (Dubai-frame)
consulta el articulo completo aqui
las propuestas ganadoras las pueden consultar aqui

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  1. It is in our hands to stop this nonsense! This year edition of thyssenkrupp award was described as a huge success.
    We should leave a clear statement to thyssenkrupp award organization and others that we appreciate the opportunity that is given to all of us, but our work should be respected and compared following the brief competition requirements available to all.
    Otherwise, in some years architecture competitions will be insanely useless and a huge time/money black hole.
    Because we care about this, and the world needs REAL ARCHITECTURE, we should leave a clear statement. If we don’t participate in the next editions there will be a clear message, I think.

    Jorge Luis Borges had this sentence;
    Reality doesn’t have the minimum obligation to be interesting but fiction does.

    If we consider the winning proposal as being on a fictional context (due to its clear unfeasibility)
    we have to consider that it is not very interesting.

    I think we should create a public gallery were we can post our fictional and interesting version of the winning proposal.

    Even if you don’t have hands!!!! You will be able to do better renders using only your feet!!!